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Pastelería Latorre Simon

Cakes and pastries from Almería, specialising in Wedding and Communion Cakes as well as confectionary in general.

We installed Hornos Saturno A Ovens and Horno de Tubos Anulares STA. Annular Tube Oven.



Traditional family business founded in 1948, specialising in daily bread production and also artisan production of flat breads and bread sticks.

We have installed around 15 ovens, model Saturno A and various Saturno A serie especial.



Bakery in Villafranca del Penedés, with a more than 100 year tradition of making high quality artisanal products. True to their motto “evolving towards our origins” they offer clients traditional products adapted to the new era, with new flavours, variations and styles.

They were looking for a traditional baking method and we installed the Horno Giratorio Saturno GA.



The OGI-BERRI Group, founded in 1933, can boast to 7 bread, pastry and confectionary workshops and has more than 250 franchises plus 45 of their own shops spread throughout Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya, Navarra, Huesca and the south of France. This growth has always had its roots in a common philosophy of effort and dedication.

They needed high quality baking and so we installed  the Hornos Saturno GA and Saturno Electric.


Cliente Ogiberri de Hornos Saturnino

Productos Martos

Originally a family-run pastries business, it was founded in Écija by José Mª Martos in 1986.
In the 90s, the company extended its facilities located in the El Limero industrial park of the same town, without reducing its artisanal production.
Among their requirements is to optimise production capacity and so we installed various ovens Hornos Saturno modelo AD.